The Big Five Bonuses
  • Social Media Massacre
    Social Media Massacre
    What is Social Media Massacre? It’s is the no-nonsense, simple, step by step program that is going to show YOU how to conquer Twitter and other social networks in MINUTES! Discover the free social marketing strategy that is going to destroy your competition and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website! According to the statistics, 93 of internet marketers and business owners failed because they are not knowledgeable and an expert in driving traffic into there website offers or to their blog. Like many of you struggled to make a fortune on the internet, this social media strategy will give the secret method of generating traffic into this video series.
    Value: $66
  • Twitter Marketing Crash Course
    Twitter Marketing Crash Course
    Welcome to the Twitter Marketing Crash Course. It was created to introduce you to the wonderful world of Twitter and to teach you how to harness its massive power for your business and for your customers! You can use this course to build awareness and to help your readers learn how to take advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer any Internet marketer! This course is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you or your reader has never used Twitter to communicate with their prospects before, you'll both learn how to get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign!
    Value: $37
  • Internet Idol The Internet Marketing Domination Series
    Internet Idol The Internet Marketing Domination Series
    If you're wanting to dominate the internet marketing scene, then you're needing to become an internet idol. Within this 5-part audio training series, you're going to learn how this is done, first by starting with the correct mindset. Presenting your hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment, and mental well being. There is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build many aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects.
    Value: $49
  • YouTube Sponsorship Income
    YouTube Sponsorship Income
    If you're operating a YouTube channel or are thinking about creating one, then you can always consider sponsorship income. This means approaching brands to promote their products or services. This is a great way to make extra income for your time and efforts when creating content for your YouTube channel. Within this video course, your going to learn some great methods to find this whole process easier when you decide to find sponsors for your channel.
    Value: $57
  • Black Hat SEO For Beginners
    Black Hat SEO For Beginners
    It is time for online business owners to start following their own rules and tilt the game back to our advantage, and it can easily be done by implementing a handful of black hat techniques and search engines optimization secrets that Google and the likes do not want you to know about. Not because these methods are unethical or illegal, but because they are so powerful they could easily give them the death blow they deserve for cheating on millions of honest webmasters over the years.
    Value: $49
  • SEO Predictions
    SEO Predictions
    If you've ever wondered what could be holding you back from implementing basic on-page search engine optimization, it's often because of your mindset. So, in this video series, we're going to talk about how to get into the right mindset. You're also going to get a quick overview of what's inside of the video course so you know exactly what to expect. Plus, you’ll be given a list of things you’ll need to get started. Within this package you will find the following modules: Video Training Audio Training Covers Ebook
    Value: $67
  • ListUp WordPress Plugin
    ListUp WordPress Plugin
    Creating landing pages is not that easy, but when it comes to creating one that converts, now that it even harder. Today, you can get your hands on a plugin that instantly does all this for you, easy to use, easy to install, and more importantly, can create unlimited customized landing pages. Here are some features you'll find this plugin offers: This plugin will create unlimited customized landing pages using the highly optimized lead generating system. Bring each visitor through steps geared on your call-to-action. Use direct response tactics to get the most out of your landing pages. Works for absolutely any NICHE you need! Make landing pages that are small and super long. Create and manage unlimited landing pages that are a breeze to edit and connect to any WP page for SEO friendly URLs to rank your page better. Share your landing page in multiple areas using a variety of methods to increase your social shares for your landing pages. And much, much more!
    Value: $47
  • The Big Five Vendor Bonuses
    The Big Five Vendor Bonuses
    Custom Bonus
    Value: 600
  • Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The REAL Secret)
    Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The REAL Secret)
    Custom Bonus
    Value: 27
    Custom Bonus
    Value: 27
  • The *SECRET* to Making Easy Money Online with ClickBank
    The *SECRET* to Making Easy Money Online with ClickBank
    Custom Bonus
    Value: 27
  • Make Money Online with Information Products
    Make Money Online with Information Products
    Custom Bonus
    Value: 27

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